Trip to Ellis Island: September 22, 2018


Our New Jersey CSI Chapter on September 22nd took a private 2 hour guided Hard Hat Tour through the abandoned Immigrant Hospitals on Ellis Island “South Side”. The tour was led by the knowledgeable guide Architect Matt Funk.  The hospital complex was abandoned in 1954, and is currently in a state of arrested decay.  The guided tour experience took our group through the infectious and contagious disease hospitals and allowing NJCSI to see and learned about the various wards that treated individuals suffering from measles, trachoma, tuberculosis, scarlet fever and a myriad of other diseases.  Also along the route, we saw and learned about the autopsy area, the hospital staff living spaces, and the art exhibit “Unframed Ellis Island” which was installed by the French artist JR.

Over all we all had a truly great experience and gained a better appreciation of the path the 12 million immigrants took before entering the United States.